Brev från vår samarbetspartner i Thailand

Detta brev kommer från John som jobbar på Soi Dog Foundation i Puket, Thailand. Dom steriliserar, kastrerar, har adoptionsverksamhet och ser efter tusentals av de stackars utsatta hundarna och katterna. Soi är Thailändska och betyder gata.

Dear Supporters,
Have been holding off an update as expected to have moved by now, but unexpected rain and problems with concrete suppliers have held things up. Fingers crossed we will move next week.. The hospital and education center are finished and the storage building and satellite treatment areas are almost there. Staff accommodation will hopefully be finished on Sunday as will the main runs. The trees for these have been dug up and are now settling pending planting hopefully next week. The quarantine area for dogs receiving treatment and the puppy area are still to start, but we will do those after we move in with treatment dogs being kept temporarily either in the hospital or one of the main runs depending on problem. The puppies will also go in one of the main runs for the time being. Raw materials cost and my demands have risen week by week but you only get one chance to get it right. As a result costs have gone well over budget but we are planning a major fund raiser here on Phuket in June and hopefully this will cover the shortfall and further work.
The documentary Asians of the Year was broadcast throughout Asia in early February and the section on Gill can be viewed by clicking on the link below.

We had a very successful sterilization few weeks with vets from Australia and a team from the Michigan State University working with us. Unfortunately calls mainly from tourists of dogs in distress are rising as dogs that have often lived in the same location for years appear to be getting increased persecution. Hopefully as low season approaches this will reduce but have many dogs receiving treatment for severe wounds and broken bones etc..

Hopefully in the next 10 days I shall be writing again with photos of the dogs moving to their new home.
Best wishes,

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